Uploading Your Collection Data

The Uploader is a stand-alone application that assists you in getting your collection data into AV DSS so that it can be processed.

You have the option of uploading the data at a lower ("Quick") resolution if internet speed or connectivity is an issue, or if faster data processing is desired.


  • Install the Uploader The Uploader application can be downloaded and installed from the Uploads display on the dashboard. See Uploader Requirements and Installing the Uploader.
  • Start an Upload You can select the data collections that you want to upload, choose an upload resolution, and begin the upload at the touch of a button. See Starting an Upload.
  • Pause an Upload You can pause and resume an upload or cancel the upload altogether. See Pausing an Upload.
  • Handle Upload Errors If the upload fails for some reason, there are some tips for trouble-shooting what's wrong prior to calling the Help Desk. See Handling Upload Errors.

You must create a location in AV DSS™ for the collection area prior to uploading data.

Once imagery is uploaded to a location, the location boundaries may no longer be changed.

You must not modify any folder or file names, or the folder structure itself. Doing so will cause uploads to fail!