Quantix™ & AV DSS™ Ecosystem

The Quantix™ hybrid drone and AeroVironment's Decision Support System™, or AV DSS™, form an integrated ecosystem. This ecosystem allows you to capture imagery of your field at the touch of a button, and to view the results of advanced analytical image processing from your desktop or mobile device.

As the operator of your new unmanned aircraft, your primary tasks will be to define the collection area, ensure a safe launch, and monitor the airspace. Quantix™ will plot the best flight path for you automatically. Plus, the aircraft will automate launch and landing, and navigate the preplanned route, with three levels of override features to emergency-land your aircraft.

Data from your flight can be viewed immediately from the tablet, but the deeper analysis will occur in AV DSS™. AV DSS™ provides the capability to perform additional analysis on your data including crop stress, anomaly coverage, etc. You can transfer and store your data securely and seamlessly with AV DSS™.

Quantix™ and AV DSS™ Ecosystem

  1. Quantix™ Hybrid Drone The vehicle used to fly your field to collect imagery. See Getting to Know Your Quantix.
  2. Quantix™ Tablet The device used to plan your flight and to view “quick-looks”. See Preparing to Fly.
  3. Uploader The stand-alone application used to get your collection data into AV DSS™ so that it can be processed. See Uploading Your Collection Data.
  4. AV DSS™ Dashboard Part of the AV DSS™ suite of tools used to quickly see essential information for each location that you fly. See About the AV DSS Dashboard.
  5. AV DSS™ Analytics Portal, Part of the AV DSS™ suite of tools used to perform a deeper dive into your image and analytic layers, and to associate notes with real life observations about a location. See About the Analytics Portal.
  6. AV DSS Survey Tool AppPart of the AV DSS™ suite of tools used to collect data in the field and post it to your location, where it can be viewed in the context of location image and analytic layers. See About the AV DSS Survey Tool App.

All of these components work together to help you make better, more informed decisions.