Archiving and Unarchiving Locations

A privilegedUser with Owner or Manager role user can archive and unarchive locations.

Archiving a location changes it's status to "Archived" and prevents data from being uploaded to the location in the future.

Uploads to archived locations will not be processed

To Archive a Location

  1. Click the “My Locations” icon .
  2. Find the Active location you want to archive.
    1. Use the Active Locations filters to help find the location.
  3. Click the [Archive] button.

  4. The location will now be found using the Inactive Locations "Archived" filter.

To Unarchive a Location

  1. Click the “My Locations” icon .
  2. Use the Inactive Filters to select the Archived locations.
    1. Click the "Archived" filter to quickly find all archived locations.
  3. Click the [Unarchive] button.

Click here to see a brief video demonstration

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